The life of a missionary is unique, to say the least.

Men and women who answer the call of God and take their families to the farthest corners of the globe in service to Him have daily struggles and burdens just like we do. And these are often compounded by living in difficult cultures without some of the modern conveniences we take for granted and sometimes in places where the main objective—spreading the Gospel—carries the risk of severe punishment under another country’s laws.

After a few years on the field, they are often exhausted physically and mentally when they return to the United States on furlough. But then they face a new set of challenges. There is often culture shock after such an extended period overseas, not to mention the continuous financial pressure and the ongoing task of maintaining support from churches here before returning to the field.

But God’s grace is plentiful, and He strengthens His children in a variety of ways. In fact, He often uses you and me to do it.

For six decades, D&D Missionary Homes has been an instrument used by the Lord to help a select group of His servants recuperate, rejuvenate, and relax. And it has been able to remain in place through the years, providing support to missionaries in their time of need, because of the faithful support of Christians everywhere.

Now a new era of the ministry has begun. Ten fantastic home options are available in three locations, ready for use. Now a faithful missionary family has the opportunity to stay rent-free up to three months in Florida or South Carolina and be totally refreshed before hitting the road to go elsewhere in the U.S. or back to the foreign field.

In addition to the physical updates to the properties themselves, the process for securing lodging has been streamlined. Missionaries can now visit this website and, with a few clicks of the mouse, find out which houses are available during a particular time period as well as where they are located and what amenities might be available. It is similar to using one of the most popular vacation rental sites on the internet—quick and easy. We want to make the process as efficient as possible so that we can be a blessing to those who seek this service.

God has been gracious in allowing D&D Missionary Homes to continue its ministry into 2018 and beyond. We know that we are doing exactly what He would have us do, and we are seeing His blessings every day. Pray that we can keep moving forward, and consider whether the Lord would have you partner with us to support His servants in this way.

You know the cost of faithfully following God’s call to the mission field. Share in our cost and be a blessing to them today.

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882 sqft
2 bedrooms 1 bath

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671 sqft
3 bedrooms 1 bath

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